The Camilla Shop guarantees the utmost care and professionalism in the packaging of products, ensuring minimal risk of receiving the damaged goods. The Shop of Camilla, the main aim of preserving the environment by preventing unnecessary waste, use for the shipment of its products recycled cardboard and / or used. This will allow The Shop Camilla among other things to control costs, encouraging the application of further competitive prices for its customers. For that, subject to the packaging of special items, no cost is charged to the customers of Lo Camilla Shop for packaging products.

All registered customers who have bought from The Shop Camilla will be notified by email of the shipment of the goods and will be shown them the code needed to track the shipment on the carrier's Internet site used for shipping.

The choice of the courier used to ship the goods is carried out based on the weight of the products purchased and the destination locations of the goods, by the Customer during the order and later by The Shop Camilla. The preference expressed by the customer, subject to the related expense, is not binding on The Shop Camilla that, here in the interest of the client and for the quality of the service, may decide to entrust the shipment of goods to a courier of his choice. The change of the courier than the preference expressed by the customer does not in any case additional costs for the latter. The shipping costs will be charged to the Client as specified in the order, and without prejudice to cases and / or the items for which The Shop Camilla decides to offer free delivery and shipping service. In the event that the carrier takes charge of any kind directly from the customer, The Shop Camilla will not be liable for loss and / or damage and / or damage to the goods from the moment of delivery of the goods to the carrier from our warehouses.

The catalog deliveries are usually within 3 days maximum (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays excepted) from the date of shipment of the goods, which could happen as soon as the order is prepared. If the merchandise is in stock, the order is prepared for shipment in 24-48 hours maximum from the communication of payment. Delivery times may vary due to force majeure, due to the particular traffic conditions and traffic in general, by act of the Authority. Any delay in delivery, if known at The Shop Camilla, will still promptly. Elements that affect the delivery time is the total weight of the goods, the type of merchandise, your type of consignment and the place of destination. In the terms of the ordering process you can choose the preferred courier: as already pointed out that preference will be respected, but will not be binding for The Shop Camilla. Delays in the delivery of goods can occur for many reasons, the first of the destination indications insufficient or inaccurate address of the goods and / or the lack of a telephone number to be supplied to the carrier to facilitate the delivery of goods and notices in the event of difficulties on the part of the conveyor. The Shop of Camilla and her Customer Care service will always be available to the client to interpret their needs and requirements and in order to welcome the advice.

The Camilla Shop offers its customers a service of International Shipping through the use of the best couriers. The international shipping service does not reach all the countries of the world but the only locations listed below. It 'possible that the shipment of some products, because of the fragility (aquariums, glass tanks), weight (stones, sea salt, sand), footprint (furniture for aquariums), it is impossible, particularly complex and / or expensive and in any case does not allow to Lo Camilla Shop to ensure delivery of the goods in security and integrity: in these cases, the Camilla Shop may cancel the order promptly informing the customer and refunding all amounts, if paid on the purchase catalog. To ensure the check availability of service in so international customers to make contact via e-mail also with our Customer Care before you make the purchase if its products with the features indicated above. The countries reached by the service at the moment are: all EU countries, Albania, Turkey, Serbia, Russia, USA, Canada

The shipping costs depend on the carrier chosen for the transport and are determined variably to weight brackets. The calculation of the cost of shipping does not only depend on the weight of the products factory purchased but also dall'ingombro volume of the shipping box. Therefore the indicated weight at the various products for sale on the site must be considered as shipping weight and not as factory weight. The combination of the described factors determine the cost of shipping. The costs related to specific items (especially heavy and / or bulky and / or fragile) and / or to particular destinations (Ex: uncomfortable place, international transport, etc.) May follow different rules than those described here. Shipments exceeding 30 kg and / or high-volume: will be determined using the same procedures described above. That arise special difficulties such as not to allow The Camilla Shop to conclude the delivery service with the expected qualitative and / or time standard, it is up to The Shop Camilla to promptly contact the customer to illustrate the problems posed and to agree on the his best solution satisfactory. International Ships: Camilla Shop offers its customers an international shipping service with the best couriers. The international shipping service does not reach all the countries of the world but the only locations listed in the section of this area. The shipping costs are determined in a manner similar to those of domestic shipments; vary the rates and weight brackets also based on location of destination of the goods. If the cost of shipping should be particularly burdensome for the Customer The Camilla Shop may cancel the order promptly alerting the customer of problems arising. Delivery time: 3 days, excluding Saturdays and public holidays.

The commercial terms set out from time to time by The Shop Camilla may provide the offer of free shipping on all shipments that exceed the sum fixed by the current promotion and communicated with appropriate advertising banners posted on the website. It 'possible that the current promotions related to the shipment of goods do not include certain items whose expedition is particularly complex and / or expensive. For these cases it will be given special notice. Unless agreed otherwise specified free shipping is not scheduled for Freight Forwarding; orders placed disagree with this prediction will be canceled by The Shop Camilla unless the customer decides to integrate any payment made with the required postage.

As indicated more generally in the Conditions of Sale, the customer can always cancel the contract in the manner and within the terms provided by Chapter 1 of the New Consumer Code: the customer who has purchased on the website, under the current law is entitled to withdrawal without any reasons, within 14 days. This time limit is in principle the date on which the customer or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the customer himself, acquires physical possession of the goods. To exercise the right of withdrawal is necessary to inform The Shop Camilla, within 14 calendar days of receipt of goods, of the intention to terminate the contract. From that date, the customer has 14 days to return the items for which it intends to exercise this right, filling out the Withdrawal Form. In case of withdrawal the return shipment of the product are the responsibility of the customer. The right of withdrawal is lost if the returned product is not intact, that in the case of: the original packaging absence of integral elements of the product (accessories, cables, instruction manuals etc) of the product for reasons other than transportation. proceed to re-credit the order transmission relative to the cost of goods shipped within 15 days. consequently reject any Product not packed, as well as products for which they have not been already paid by the customer the cost of returning.